Pedro & Susan | Morris Chapel | Stockton Wedding Photography

After much anticipation, Pedro and Susan became husband and wife in Stockton’s Morris Chapel on the University of Pacific’s campus. The stain glass windows (to which my second shooter, Gavin Moss, kept referring it as chandeliers haha!) throughout Morris Chapel brought upon a sense of reverence and timelessness to their wedding ceremony.

Morris Chapel Wedding Photography

Having shot at Stockton’s Morris Chapel before for Chris and Cecelia’s wedding in August of last year, it’s amazing to see how much change shooting in a different time of the year changes everything. In August, I would say that the ivy was pretty bare/nonexistent. But during this October’s wedding- the ivy was all over the place! Giving a beautiful lush of greenery and signs of the fall leaves changing.

Being Present in the Moment

Making sure that there is extra time in your wedding timeline I believe to be super helpful in creating space to consciously be present in the moment. This is so important on your wedding day- You’re about to be married! There has been months and months of planning, investment, and preparation being poured into this moment- and you need to just enjoy it!

Although the reason I may be hired to photograph your wedding day, I am also there to remind you to remember why you are there, to take a moment and breathe, and to walk you through taking in one of the most special moments of your life.

It was important to Pedro and Susan to enjoy the moment and have fun with their family and friends. I am very grateful to have been a part of their wedding day and I look forward to sharing more photos from their wedding in the near future.

Stockton Wedding Photography Teaser

Pedro and Susan had their wedding ceremony at Morris Chapel in Stockton, CA.

Karissa Wright

Modesto, CA, United States