Garret & Gina | Winter Wedding Elopement Photography | Sparks Ranch Resort

It was such an honor and a blessing to have had witnessed, filmed and photographed Garret and Gina’s winter elopement wedding in Sonora’s Sparks Ranch Resort. Gina had reached out to me a few weeks before the wedding and told me their love story. Although tragic and hard their journey was, this next chapter was a time of rejoicing for everyone.

How They Met

Gina and her two daughters lost the man whom they called husband, father, and friend. Likewise, Garret had lost his wife. Gina and Garret met on a grief counseling group where each of them thought they their love story had ended. However, it was another chapter just beginning.

The Day of the Winter Wedding Elopement

Although shy, Gina and Garret wanted their family and friends to be with them the day they said I do. Sparks Ranch Resort was the perfect location to host this winter wedding elopement. While the ceremony took place in the front yard with post fall trees, rocks covered in green moss, and the bright cloudy sky, Garret and Gina said their vows before the officiant, Giana’s father, and their two daughters.

Afterward, Garret and Gina walked to the backyard where their family and friends were waiting for them to celebrate with brunch, speeches, drinks, and cake. The joy and excitement that resonated with everyone for the newlyweds was a joy to be a part of. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Simon!

Winter Wedding Elopement Photo Highlights

Karissa Wright

Modesto, CA, United States